System description

Online booking system

It is great to see you reading our functionality overview! This manual will give you general understanding of how the system works. We are constantly working on improving it, so all suggestions are welcome.

The DoReserve online booking system is a complete system which suits needs of most service providers. It can be used by teachers, hair salons, beauticians, psychologists, or even restaurants and hotels, or pretty much by anybody who needs to make bookings for their services.

Allowing clients to make online bookings will increase revenues because of less “No shows” brings you more clients and because clients will use the services more often as the reservation process is easier and accessible at any time. This improves perceived service level, thus increasing client’s overall satisfaction and leading to better client retaining.

Following sections are a general description of many of functions in the DoReserve booking system. Look  through it to see how it would benefit your company in many ways. Join us now and beat your competitors with a clever solution and better service for your clients.

Table des matières

  1. Paramètres de configuration
  2. Informations de la société (Paramètres / Informations de la société)
  3. Heures de travail de la société (Paramètres / Heures d'ouverture)
  4. Gérer les prestataires de services (Gérer / Notre équipe)
  5. Gérer les services (Gérer / Services)
  6. Gérer les catégories (Gérer / Catégories de services)
  7. Champs de formulaire d'admissionpour les réservations (Gérer / champs de formulaire d'admission)
  8. Gérer le statut de réservation (Gérer / statuts)
  9. Votre propre page de réservation (Module d'affichage / pages web)
  10. Bouton ou iFrame (Module d'affichage / Widgets)
  11. Ajustements du texte (Module d'affichage / traduction personnalisée)
  12. Plugins